First day in lab

Date: 2021-07-13

By: Mike Aubrey

First official day in lab started out with a progress update on the newly renovated student offices and some final touches to the lab space including the addition of the new mobile cabinetry for our instrument module.

Student Offices

The new student offices are located across the hall from the wet lab space and include new desks and seating for six researchers along with general office and meeting space.

New student offices nearing completion!

New Schlenk Lines

I also picked up the first batch of Schlenk lines from Adam Kennedy today, and the look fantastic! Inspired by the Page and Keitz groups, these general purpose Schlenk lines feature an isolated double solvent trap system and bypass that allows for continuous evacuation of the primary manifold. The gas manifold’s are equipped with pressure relief and backflow protectors to help avoid accidental contamination of the inert gas environment. The canted Chem-Cap valves on the main manifold allow for good visibility and easy use of both the vacuum and gas valves on each port.

Schlenk lines for air-free and water-free synthesis

First instrument orders starting to arrive

The most essential instruments have also begun to arrive including all three high precision analytical balances, and the first of nine potentiostats/impedance spectrometers. With just a few more orders of smaller lab essentials on the way, I look forward to having a fully functioning synthetic lab very soon!

Analytical balance

Bio-logic potentiostat and galvanostat with built-in impedance analyzer

The first dozen IKA hot plates with temperature probes and PID controllers