%%{init: {'theme': 'base', 'themeVariables': { 'primaryColor': '#333f48', 'textColor':'#d6d2c4'}}}%% gantt dateFormat YYYY-MM-DD axisFormat %m-%d title Qual Prep section Report Outline with proposed figs :active, r1, 2022-09-02, 2w Compile missing experiments :active, r2, 2022-09-02, 2w Outline due :milestone, after r1, 2022-09-16, Draft Introduction :r3, after r1, 4w Introduction 1st draft :milestone, 2022-09-30, Introduction due :milestone, 2022-10-14, Draft Results & Discussion :r4, after r3, 4w Review Intro. + Results + Discussion Draft :milestone, 2022-10-28, Intro. + Results + Discussion Due :milestone, 2022-11-11, Complete Experimental + SI :r5, after r4, 4w Full Revision 1 :milestone, 2022-12-02, Edit and Revise Reports :r6, after r5, 5w section Presentation Revise Intro Slides :p1, 2022-09-02,2w Explain techniques :p2, after p1,1w Literature review :p3, after p2, 10d Outlook Slide :p4, after p3, 1w Original Research :p5, after p4, 1w Group Presentation 2 :milestone, 2022-10-15, Group Presentation 3 :milestone, 2022-12-05, Group Presentation 4 :milestone, 2023-01-08, section Outside Proposal Proposal ideas :active, op1, 2022-09-02, 5w Ideas due :milestone, 2022-10-06 section Oral Exam Tentative Exam Date :milestone, 2023-01-10, 1d

Qual Meeting Agenda - Fridays

1September 9thIntro. Slides and basic slide layout
2September 16thOutline of report w/ key figures
3September 23thPeer review qual report introductions
4September 30thOutside proposal topics
5October 7thOutlook Slide - “PhD Pitch” & Techniques / Lit review slides
6October 14thPeer Review Introductions
7October 21stPresentation Post Mortem
8October 28thReview Intro. + Results + Discussion Draft
9November 4thFormatting Word Docs (cross refs, citations, styles…)
10November 11thReport Introduction + Results + Discussion Due (Figure, Text, Citations)
11November 18thExam Prep
12November 25thExam Prep
13December 2ndPeer Review Research Reports
14December 9thExam Prep

Qual Exam Prep - Tuesdays

1September 6thPeriodic Table
2September 13thPeriodic Table
2September 20thElectron Counts
3September 27thPeriodic Table
5October 4thElectron Counts
6October 11thElectronic Counts + Spin State
7October 18thCrystal Field Splittings + MO’s
8October 25thCrystal Field Splittings + MO’s
9November 1stInstrumentation
10November 8thInstrumentation
11November 15thCrystal Field Splitting
12November 22ndPeriodic Table + Electron Counts
13November 29thInstrumentation
14December 6thMO Diagrams (p block)
15December 13thMO Diagrams (p block)