1 | Graduate Courses

Graduate courses are cross listed with undergraduate courses with slight modification to course content and assignments.

1.1 | Materials Chemistry (CH 390K)

Materials chemistry serves as a foundational science for humanity’s manufacture of goods and production of energy. Presently, we find ourselves in a period of transition towards more sustainable solutions for meeting society’s increasing energy needs. Notably, the adoption of renewable sources of electricity drive an unprecedented demand for large scale energy storage and all around improvements in energy conversion efficiency for which there remain substantive limitations in the component materials. By developing an atomistic understanding of how materials are made, described, and designed, you will be equipped with some of the the fundamental thinking tools needed derive the fundamental structure and properties of the next generation of high performance materials in sectors including electrochemical energy storage, solar energy conversion, illumination, and gas storage & separations.

This class is taught in parallel with the undergraduate course listed as CH 367C

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2 | Undergraduate Courses

2.1 Materials Chemistry (CH367C)

This class is taught in parallel with the graduate Materials Chemistry course listed as CH 390K

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Foundations of Chemistry II (CH302C)

CH302C is the second half of the Foundations of Chemistry designed to provide you with a fundamental understanding of the principles and concepts of chemistry. The course covers major themes including electrochemistry, reaction kinetics, and the descriptive chemistry of the elements.

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3 | Freshman Research Initiative - Inorganic Synthesis & Materials Discovery

The freshman research initiative is a program at UT Austin that allows freshman to participate in research in a variety of fields. The synthesis and materials discovery stream is focused on the synthesis of new materials and their characterization.

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